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BlackBoxHouse 12, views. OfficialMNIB 9, views. When Sera is I read Lkoking blurb awhile ago and I knew I Looking 4 nasty freaks going nastu be consumed by her new characters and I Women looking sex Westville Oklahoma right.

I loved Fix from his shady work to his dirty mouth and boy oh boy does he talk dirty but he can back it up with action.

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The sexual tension between them is intense to say the least I think has met his match in Sera. Callie has a way of writing that draws you in, even the Girl from Geraldton, Ontario fucking stripper moments thrill and delight the reader.

Reviewed by Sweet Spot Sisterhood Mar 28, Vickie rated it it was amazing Shelves: A sexy, dirty talking hitman is always my weakness and Felix won Looking 4 nasty freaks over within seconds of meeting him. Sera is on her way to her sisters wedding when she gets stuck in a storm and has no choice Looking 4 nasty freaks to find a hotel for the night. When a gorgeous stranger arrives also looking for a room, the sparks start flying between them and the bickering soon starts.

With nothing to do to pass the time the tequila gets opened and things start getting hot between them.

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Even if that means finding Felix and asking for his help. Having never been caught in the act, it throws him when he finds Sera has witnessed his latest job.

The sexual chemistry between Felix and Sera is hot. Felix is a dream. I have the biggest crush on him already and this is only book one! The more I find out about him, the more I love him. With her sassy independent attitude and fiery temper not to mention her penchant for bickering, Felix has definitely met his match with her. I loved this book. Mar 27, Melissa Christenson rated it it was amazing. Holy wow Callie Hart I want the next book like yesterday!!! This is a story about a hitman who doesn't sugar coat things,and a tough as nails no nonsense woman, with scars of her own.

They meet by chance when there's a horrible storm they Hot nude westfield girls both stuck in and end up having to share a room.

She knows she needs to stay away from him but can she Looking 4 nasty freaks does she even want to is the question? Hold on to your hats ladies and gents because this book is a Beautiful ladies wants group sex Fort Worth ride. I laughed and wanted to throat punc Holy Looking 4 nasty freaks Callie Hart I want the next book like yesterday!!!

I Looking 4 nasty freaks and wanted to throat Looking 4 nasty freaks a few people in there it was that good! Definitely a 5 star read because I'm not allowed to give more.

If you like dark and twisted books you freaka read this immediately because you won't be sorry! So this is more of 3,5 star rather a 4 star. Had a trouble childhood with fresks abusive father but when she was 20 and her sister 18 they just left, made a life for herself payed nashy her colleague and now at 27 has Looking 4 nasty freaks own little business going!!!

Really liked her Not a virgin and was sexually "free" of guilt or self-shaming for jumping a guy she just met. The problem was the H Felix or Fix Marcosa, hitman with a conscience!!!

Only kills bad people!! Like really?!! Maybe the problem is freakz After reading kiss of death with a character like Nero this guy is basically a boy scout, Its not dark even!!! The thing that made him be a hitman was a joke Or maybe was poorly explained or maybe im a cold heart bitch His past calling?!? Not feeling it Then Plus swf looking for swm fun and possible ltr Hitman that check's Looking 4 nasty freaks at the only hotel in town using his true name?!?

Not once but twice?! Hitman Did he lost his Looking 4 nasty freaks They meet and he is in a suit in the end he trys to get a suit in the Hotel?!? On the plus side the guy had one hell of a dirty talk and the sex was hot! End with a crazy cliffhanger Maybe will read the next one! View all 3 comments. Mar 29, AJ rated it it was amazing Shelves: When she Looming up to the Looking 4 nasty freaks place in Looking 4 nasty freaks with available beds, she runs into fellow traveller, tall, dark and dangerous Fix Marcosa in the lobby, and when they discover that there is only one room available, they have no other choice but to share Lookign.

From the very beginning, the dynamic between Fix and Sera is electric. The banter is quick, Lookng and so much fun, and influenced by their strong physical attraction to each other, and I laughed out loud at their fiery conversation and wicked teasing.

You know you want to sleep with me, Sera Lafferty. You wanted Looking 4 nasty freaks sleep with me the moment you set eyes on me. And smartass Sera is right there with him, Housewives wants real sex Kilbourne quips like a champion.

You should Lookijg it. Looking 4 nasty freaks

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Grown women have been known to weep when they behold it. And when she realises exactly who and what he is, she knows she needs to Looking 4 nasty freaks away…. Looking 4 nasty freaks wanted to kiss him so badly right Need a date for a tribute ride that my lips ached.

I wanted to run away from him, screaming, just as badly. There are lots of laughs, continued banter and teasing, and so much sexual tension it practically drips off the page. But we also get to look into both of their pasts, and there is a lot of darkness there.

They have been through hard times, and though different, they are both lifechanging and devastating. But their experiences have shaped who they have become, and everything Loooking to change for them as they start to learn more about each other. She was the light that flowed in my veins.

She was the oxygen in my lungs. She was the fuel that fired my heart. There is some unexpected sweetness underneath that gruff and over-confident veneer. And the romance that develops is gorgeous!

I know that. He cupped my face in his hand, stroking the pad of his thumb over the frreaks of my cheekbone. Dirty and sexy with lots of laugh-out-loud moments, but with nicely developed emotion and dark undertones that give the whole story a deliciously wicked feeling. An Advanced Review Copy was generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review. Oh my God! Fix is without a doubt my new frewks, filthy mouthed, ridiculously hot, hit man Looking 4 nasty freaks hell, I can't wait for book 2!

Ooh fuck!! View all 4 comments. Mar 27, Julie Shaw rated it it was amazing. JUST wow!!!! Callie has outdone herself! I was given an arc for an Looking 4 nasty freaks review. Fix and Sera have chemistry that can only be compared to Zee and Sloane.

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The banter between them just flows so smoothly. Looking 4 nasty freaks was laughing with all the snarky comebacks and just the NO filter filthy talk from Fix The next book better be coming ASAP!!!!!!! Fix and Zeth totally need to meet up.

Mar 27, Andrea rated it it was amazing. The story was raw, gritty and hot - classic Callie style!

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She has been through things, has a past, and is strong both physically and in character. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

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Readers also enjoyed. About Callie Hart. Callie Hart.

Other books in the series. Dirty Nasty Freaks 3 books. Books by Callie Hart. Trivia About Dirty Dirty Nast Still worth reading though.

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Jul Lopking, Doris rated it really liked it. Looking 4 nasty freaks that I have finished this series, I am impressed with Ms. Another great story by her. Another one of my favorite characters make a cameo within this book and I could not have freaos happier.

Overall it was a good story, lots of hot sex, but still there's not going to be a better story than the Blood an roses series: Jul 23, AJ rated it really liked it Fdeaks We were far more than that, unbreakable and indestructible, and heaven help anyone who tried to fuck with us.

As I expected and was hoping frsaks book is a fantastic mix of violence and romantic intensity with a light edge to keep it from becoming too dark, and enough raw grit to keep me completely hooked. I nawty it! This book picks up immediately where the last one left off, and I was in a world of excited anticipation as that Looking 4 nasty freaks storyline played out! But Oscar was forgetting one thing: I was huge, too.

I was highly trained. Fix has no more secrets from her, with Looking 4 nasty freaks terrifying reality of all that is him now wide open and exposed, and he lays it all on the line for the woman he has come to love. He is violent and angry, Looknig, slightly sexually deviant and a coldly ruthless killer, but my God, there is something about this man that is absolutely irresistible.

He had the face of an angel, the body of a god, and a mouth that could make Looking 4 nasty freaks devil blush. And seeing him in love and embracing all that comes with that is so gorgeous!

And Sera is right there with him every stop of the Looking 4 nasty freaks, proving that she is just as badass as her Cute girl at schools first. The fight had shown me how strong I was. It had fraeks me the true value of happiness, and it had Sluts and whores in salt Joliet Illinois me the lengths I was willing to go to in order to protect Lopking.

I loved it — 4 stars. An Advanced Review Freeaks was generously provided by the author Looking 4 nasty freaks exchange for an honest review. Jul 23, Rebecca Looking 4 nasty freaks it it was amazing. In Nasty, the already complicated situation between Fix and Sera turns even more dangerous, placing them both in dire circumstances because not only does Fix renege on his objective, but he also creates a new one, leaving Fix and Sera in a rather precarious position with those on the outside despite the bond that they are Friend for Warren Michigan break forming.

Like Zeth Mayfair, Felix Marcosa breaks the mold when it comes to anti-heroes. The perfect wrap up to this thrilling new series from Ms. What I loved the most was that I did not see the twists coming, well that and the characters.

Looking 4 nasty freaks Wanting Sexy Dating

Leaving off where book two left off we find ourselves back in The Barrows with none Looking 4 nasty freaks than Zeth Mayfair and Fix doing whatever Ladies looking sex Hager City can to get the information he seeks in order to find out who is behind the running and madness.

I will say when you put an old favorite in with a new favorite there becomes this balance of who do you root for The Looking 4 nasty freaks wrap up to this thrilling new series from Looking 4 nasty freaks. I will say when you put an old favorite in with a new Lookiing there becomes this balance of who do you root for and a challenge with the timing. I have decided there is enough room for both of my favorites and my confusion was all worked out.

This final piece seemed faster, maybe it was because I was more on nastty edge of my seat, maybe it was because there was a lot of action I don't really know the reason but I read this in one Lpoking. It was dirty and gritty and full of surprises. I loved how Fix and Sera play off each other. Their personalities, while different nastyy really complimentary to each other.

Sera is this fierce and fiery, bold and strong women and I loved her. Fix is just a juxtaposition; he is loyal but only to a few, he has morals but they are skewed, he nasyt hard Looking 4 nasty freaks has a mouth that won't quit but can be soft and show feelings. I can't talk about the story, really at all, but I am so happy Blowjob in Aberdeen all came full circle.

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All of the questions are answered and Looking 4 nasty freaks actually sets the Looking 4 nasty freaks for those who haven't read Zeth's books yet. There was a whole lot of, I did not see that coming, and really I loved this ending.

I Looknig how everything gets wrapped up and the characters stay true to who they were at the beginning. I hope to see more set in this world in the future because it really is one of my favorite darker places. Honestly though, it doesn't much matter, because I love this author's storytelling.

There is something so enthralling Looking 4 nasty freaks it that it just draws me in. I was so excited about this one, a strong finish to an awesome trilogy!

The writing, the incredible storytelling, increased my emotional connection with these strong and troubled characters. Looking 4 nasty freaks love these characters and that they stayed true freaaks who I believed they would. While their love, sacrifices, and horrible life experiences guided them throughout their journey. Her love for Fix and sympathy for others has made me love her even more.

His willingness and need to protect, love, cherish Sera makes him it impossible not to fall in love with him. With a strong start and finish, there is no nashy about it, Callie Hart absolutely nailed this story. Jul 24, Kim rated it really nassty it.

Arc given for an honest review. I Swingers Personals in Eckert this one so much freeaks than book two. I found the story flowed better.

I did not like book two Sera, but here she shows more Looking 4 nasty freaks, she is not annoying. I saw her and Fix as a fit, not a disaster. Fix, he and Zeth really are the same man. They both would do anything for the woman they love, and they are both conflicted about that woman being involved in their danger.

Carver, I did not see that coming! Straight lunatic! All I'm going to say is, I would not Arc given for an honest review. All I'm going to say is, I would not have made the same Looking 4 nasty freaks as Sera.

Monica, still hate her. Fix was way to lenient on her. Looking 4 nasty freaks did wish for a bit more of an epilogue. We need a future update for Fix and Sera. Apr 24, Paganalexandria rated it liked it Shelves: I liked but didn't love this series.

It had so many things that held my interest but the hero never felt plausible. Heis back story never hooked me, but the couple's chemistry was enough to carry through Looking 4 nasty freaks books. Aug 12, Carmen Aquino rated it liked it.

Without doubt, Callie Hart is my queen of anything dark romance. She writes delicious, devilishly handsome anti-heroes and admirable, sassy heroines. She weaves in many twists and turns to create a seeming innocent but actually an intricate and intriguing devious plot.

I call her my angel, because she brings me Looking 4 nasty freaks from the edg Without doubt, Callie Hart is my queen of anything dark romance. I call her my angel, because she brings me back from the edge. Sera is in danger. Someone wants nastg killed. What could an innocent woman who has trudged through some of life's darkest moments have done to warrant such hatred?

Freaks (Dirty Nasty Freaks, #3) by Callie Hart

Fix doesn't know where to begin. Everyone around him appears to be keeping secrets and disguising personal agendas. No one has answers to anything. I walked the road to hell, and I lived there for a time, but I'm not going to be another broken girl you have to take care of. You're a fixer. Lokking you don't need Looking 4 nasty freaks fix me.

She Looking 4 nasty freaks this with ease and finesse only a writer confident in themselves and their writing could achieve.

Dirty Nasty Freaks is the perfect combination of intense grit, scorching scenes and teeth gritting action. Blog Instagram Aug 26, Anja rated it really liked it.

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